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B+   C B+           B

Mad Max - Fury Road

B+ B+ A- B-           B+

Pitch Perfect 2

    B             B

The D Train

    C             C

Hot Pursuit

C+   D+ C-           C-

Avengers - Age of Ultron

B- B- B- C+       B+   B-

Monkey Kingdom

  B+ A-           A- A-

Ex Machina

B+   B             B+

The Age of Adaline

B+   C+           B- B-

Paul Blart - Mall Cop 2

  C F           C- D+

Child 44

A-   D+           B- B-

The Longest Ride

B   C             B-

Limited Release

Saint Laurent C+
Aloft C
Slow West B+
I'll See You in My Dreams B
Adult Beginners C+
5 to 7 B-
Maggie C+
Far From the Madding Crowd B
Welcome To Me B+
Little Boy B-
True Story C+
The Hunting Ground B+
Seymour - An Introduction A-
Clouds of Sils Maria A-

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